Welcome to Anastasia Gold Caviar brought to you by Evans Farms in Pierson, Florida!
Come and discover the new world of Caviar with Anastasia Gold. A world of exquisite taste, of new experiences, and the absolute best quality. Anastasia Gold is unique. Born and raised in Florida, the Evans Farm is one of the only American producers of premium farm-raised sturgeon caviar. We can promise you a caviar with a classic rich nutty flavor with every tin. Anastasia Gold Caviar is indulgent and beguiling. Perfect for any occasion. Anastasia Gold is the perfect gift for any holiday event. The last day to order for Christmas is Thursday 12/20 before 10 am and if you need it for your New Years Eve party order before 10 am on Thursday 12/27. Not open to the public, on site sales and tours by appointment only. All orders for standard overnight delivery must be placed on Monday through Thursday before 10 am.
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