Anastasia Gold Caviar is fresh from Evans Farm, a 100 acre fish farm located in Pierson, FL. Home to the nation's first farm raised Russian Sturgeon and one of the few commercial Sturgeon farming operations in the Western Hemisphere. The species of Sturgeon we produce are Ossetra, Siberian, and Sevruga. The Evans' Fish Farm was one of the first complete sturgeon aquaculture operations in the US. The Russians learned to spawn sturgeon back in the 1950's but never took the fish past the fingerling stage. Through our efforts we are now able to bring to the world a true, premium caviar that rivals what comes from the Caspian without affecting the wild resource. Not open to the public, on site sales and tours by appointment only.

Contact Information:

By standard mail:
Anastasia Gold Caviar
1195 E. Washington Ave.
Pierson, FL 32180

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Shipping Information:
FedEx's Periship service for perishables, orders expedited in the evening, delivered in the morning. Custom delivery date thermal packaging that keeps it really fresh with a livetracking link to your shipment including extreme weather tracking and rerouting.
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