About Evans Farm - Producers of Anastasia Gold Caviar

Evans Farm was established by Gene and Marilyn Evans in 1982. Evans farm is family owned and operated with multiple generations working on the farm. The original focus of the farm was cattle production, but Gene had dreamed up the idea to farm raise sturgeon for caviar production. We started fish farming by raising species like tilapia and hybrid striped bass, before moving to bigger species like sturgeon.

The sturgeon species we raise on our farm are:

Osetra (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)

Siberian (Acipenser baerii)  

Sevruga (Acipenser stellatus

Why did we select these species? The species we raise are listed as critically endangered within their native range by the IUCN. The main threats to their population are overharvesting for caviar and loss of spawning sites due to dam construction. Artificial reproduction and stocking have turned out to be insufficient to stop the decline, so we hope to help relive the pressure off of wild populations by farm raising them. By farming these species, we can bring a sustainable product to the market that does not rely on wild stocks and is fresher than imported caviar. We have second and third generation sturgeon on our farm, which is important for sustainability and future production.

Sustainability and quality is important when sourcing fish for your dinner plate and the caviar you consume. Majority of the caviar on the US market today and at your grocery store are sourced from other countries. Imported caviar products are not regulated like those produced in the US, which undergo state and federal inspections. You can make a difference by supporting US farms and you will notice the difference immediately in the products.

Buy local, buy fresh & enjoy with your loved ones.