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    Delectably fresh and fruity, Ossetra  ranges in color from light brown to dark brown, its firm grain is pleasing and juicy, with a distinctive nutty taste that inspires fierce loyalties. Finest Ossetra farm raised in the United States. Our Ossetra is fresh and of the highest grade. Firm pearls along with a smooth nutty flavor are the result of a selection without equal. We pride ourselves on the ability to supply the finest domestic Caviar, notably Ossetra Caviar. Every tin of Anastasia Gold Caviar is packed and chosen by our specialist to meet the most demanding standards of fine Caviar. 

    This product ships direct from the producer.  Products are delivered overnight in thermo- secured boxes. Orders received before 10 AM EST (Monday- Thursday) will be shipped next day delivery. Orders received after 10 AM EST on Thursday through Sunday will be shipped out the following Monday.  Holidays are shipped the next business day.

    *Please note our Ossetra caviar may vary in size and color due to the variety in our genetic stock. Colors may include gold, amber, and black.*

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    Anastasia Gold Caviar